Volunteer registration will open about one month before the event. Click HERE to put your name on the first to know list! 

RF Events' Volunteer Program

Volunteer for any RF Events' race and get a $30 coupon for ANY future RF Events' race!

Event Volunteers Receive:

  • Cool Volunteer Shirt
  • $30 Coupon for a future RF Events' Race
  • Invitation to our Annual Dash and Burn Soiree (for volunteers who join us at two or more events!)
  • A Great Big Thank You!


Dash and Burn Soiree:

Includes:A fun run at a secret location followed by a dinner party and raffle! You must be invited to the Soiree, and the only way to get an invitation is by volunteering at a RF Events' event. Volunteers will receive an invitation, and are asked to RSVP.

  • When: Summer 2020
  • Where: It's a secret! (more details to come)
  • Cost: FREE to all multi-event volunteers - you can't buy your way into this one!
  • Course: A FUN RUN with new twists and turns every year!

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